The world is experiencing a perfect storm of Artificial Intelligence, Cloud and Analytics and IoT. 
AI algorithms make sense of the data coming from large numbers of connected devices with cloud providing the compute power. You add to that AI driven automation and IoT systems start to make sense, become real.
One has to start somewhere and I recommend picking some practical use cases, with a real problem to solve and clear benefit expectations. Then do a cost-benefit analysis both short term and long term.  
IoT has the potential of making a huge difference in everything we touch and in making this works better! I have seen success stories across multiple industries and use cases ranging from parks, cities, health care, agriculture, manufacturing, transportation and many more. The global use cases have also varied though applicable with a slightly different cost benefit in other countries. 
IoT is helping farmers in Rwanda from over watering to working with parks in California in tracking mountain bikers and trail usage. These examples demonstrate the diversity of value IoT can deliver. 
Every company need an IoT strategy. To apply it or play another role as a provider in the IoT value chain.