Park Visitation

Car Counter

Insights for Staff and Support for Public Investment

We believe that better data supports better decision making.  Our visitation counters provide timely and accurate data on car, cyclist and pedestrian visitation.  This data helps park staff better understand, support and anticipate park service utilization.  At at time when public investment is coming under increased pressure, this data can help show the vital role that outdoor spaces play in supporting both physical and mental health.  

Trail Counter
Ranger near Counter

Our sensors are custom made for outdoor use.  They are unobtrusive, respect visitor privacy and are designed to survive the rigors of years in the outdoors.  They are solar powered and utilize advanced Narrow Band IOT cellular radios to work reliability even when cellular coverage is less than ideal.  

We provide each client with a custom IOT portal where they can see near-real time information on each device or see a view across the entire park system.  The portal also provides alerts, reporting and the ability to share information with other systems of record using fine-grained API key controlled access.

IOT Portal